Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It is my great honour and pleasure to invite you to attend the 7th ESE Young Endocrinologists and Scientists (EYES) Meeting in Athens, Greece. EYES Meetings are designed to support scientific and professional interaction among Young Scientists interested in Endocrinology from all around the World. They aim at the advance of knowledge, the sharing of experience and the promotion of future clinical and research collaborations.

Athens represents a crossroad of people and civilizations at the heart of the Mediterranean. The city's history begins in the 13th century BC. It flourished as the most important economic and cultural centre of the classical era, producing monuments of global stature and countless archaeological treasures. Modern Athens is a major city, buzzing with life and offering cultural events and activities during every season of the year. It is an appealing destination, not only because of its antiquities, but also of its beautiful neighbourhoods, its immaculately clean beaches and its excellent cuisine and famous nightlife.

The 7th EYES Meeting will take place at the Royal Olympic Hotel in the historical centre of Athens. The venue lays just in front of the famous Temple of Zeus and the National Garden, underneath the Acropolis sacred rock and only two minutes’ walk to the new Acropolis Museum. The Meeting will commence on Friday afternoon 13 September 2019 and will end on Sunday afternoon 15 September 2019.

I look forward to welcoming you in Athens, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy an exciting scientific Meeting in a rich cultural and historical setting.

Dr. Stavroula A. Paschou, MD, PhD
Endocrinologist - Diabetologist
On behalf of the Athens 2019 EYES Team

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